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Our company has commenced merchandising and importation of steel and steel allied products including stainless steel, aluminum and brass since the year 1979 in different specifications of European, American and Japanese origins.

We used to diversity the sources of our imports to come from Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Brazil, South Africa and other sources. Out of our rich experience accumulated in the last 30 years in this field, we have gained good ideas of the requirements of our local market in particular and the neighboring countries markets in general for the required items, sizes and specifications. We have also got to know that steel is one of the predominant ingredients and input materials in the development of industries and services in all the countries and also it is one of raw-materials that are needed in the basic industries whether it was compound or factory which means it is playing crucial role in the development of economy in a country. For this, we have been importing steels strictly in conformity with the International Standard Specifications and SASO.

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