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Forget about the little details today—you need to deal with big issues, vibrant personalities, and larger-than-life drama. If you can't find that, you need to go looking, and pronto!


Today is perfect for talking over big feelings—so make sure that you're connecting with the right people! You may need to deal with at least one family member who is being overly dramatic.


Lots of activities are lining up for you today—you've got your pick! Use your terrific energy to make hot choices and enjoy every one of them thoroughly. You just can't stand still!


You are feeling especially irritable today—much more so than usual—and you may need to close your door or otherwise avoid others to keep from getting wrapped up in any serious drama.


You need to show off a little—someone genuinely wants to be impressed with you, but they just need a little extra encouragement. It's not so hard, after all, so make sure that you're out there!


You need to think quickly today—and that could mean that you're feeling pressured. Just make sure that you're fully awake and able to handle whatever input comes your way. It's easy!


You are feeling a bit split between two opposing views or ideas. One may be more attractive in some way, but nevertheless you are drawn to both equally. Get some advice from a friend!


You need to take greater care today—things are weird and getting weirder, especially in the world of work, but as long as you can navigate carefully, you should be just fine. Make sure your eyes are open!


You feel like your people are all talk today—and you don't like it! Try to shake them into action, or at least see if you can get them to try things your way for a little while. They are sure to like it!


You may have too much on your plate today—so try to clear some off! It's one of those days when you may find that your energy is better spent on things that really matter. Get help with the rest!


Your intellect is the surest path to romance—especially on a day like today! Make sure that you're dealing with people on their level, but don't be shy about showing off your brains a little!


Avoid getting nailed down on specifics—you need to make sure that you're handling life as it comes to you. Things are sure to get more interesting in the near future, so give yourself the space to enjoy it!


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