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Try leading the pack today -- though you don't have to pay all that much attention to those behind you. As long as you're doing what seems most important or interesting, the right people follow along.


You would much rather get something done right than on time (though of course both would be better). Today is all about quality, as far as you're concerned. If someone else pushes you, push right back!


Whatever group you're part of today -- family, work, friends or train passengers -- probably needs your leadership. Speak up as soon as you see something that needs immediate action!


You might want to avoid highly charged conversations today, as it's easy to get yourself in trouble with a few quick words. It may be easy to smooth things over later, but it's better if you don't have to in the first place.


You're up for good times with almost anyone right now -- so get out to a party or throw one yourself! You may inspire others in new ways, too, though that shouldn't take any effort on your part.


Try not to worry too much about other people's demands -- unless it's your boss, partner, or someone else who holds your life in their hands, of course. It's vital for you to take care of your own needs first.


You need to look beyond romance today, no matter what stage you're in, from long-single to long-coupled. Your social energy is strong, and you should be able to make that work for you in new ways.


Your altruistic side is out in force right now -- and those around you couldn't be happier! You don't want much more than the satisfaction of helping out, but the karmic benefits are still nice.


Rethink whatever you're doing -- but not because you risk failure. It's just a great time to apply your creative energy to pretty much anything that needs new inspiration. You're golden!


A strategic postponement is definitely in order, so ring up that one appointment and ask them for an extension. Your time management skills should come into play in a big way, which is great for you.


As usual, you're pretty far out ahead of the pack. Today's bold energy helps you set trends or surprise folks who are a little less open-minded than you are. There's no shame in being this far ahead!


It's easier than ever to blend in with crowds -- even when you don't really feel like you belong. Try not to worry too much about getting caught and just focus on absorbing more information.


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