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Your goals are a little closer to reality today, and you should find that your people are rooting for you even if they don't quite understand everything that's at stake. Give them a good show!


You have to deal with people who seem to take pride in their weirdness. On any other day, you could put up with that pretty easily, but someone has worked your last nerve. Let them have it!


You're an idealist at heart, and today brings that quality out in you quite dramatically. You may take a stand at work or decide to throw your weight behind a political cause. Go for it!


Your temper might be rising this afternoon, but you're the only one getting hot under the collar. It may be a good time to stand down and marshal your resources for the bigger battle that lies ahead.


You're feeling the urge to mix it up with a colleague or friend, and you might as well get to it—sometimes a little fight is perfect for clarifying relationships and easing long-run tensions.


Expect a phone call or email to come your way that changes your whole day. It may be a cancellation or a new opportunity, but you have got to be flexible and make the most of it when it comes.


You have to explore new options today—so it's a good thing your energy is pushing you in new directions! It's one of those days when you can't believe your good fortune, so enjoy!


You need to keep the peace at home today—though that is a much tougher job than usual! Someone is spoiling for a fight, and if it's you, then things could get really tricky for everyone!


People are more open today, so keep your lines of communication flowing. You should find it easier to reach faraway people and to understand those whose thinking is extremely different from your own.


It may be time to revise your plans—but do so deliberately. New information and new ideas are coming your way at great speed, and it's a good idea to get help analyzing all the data before acting.


You are a harbinger of positive change today, and should be able to get your people to sign on with ease. Go for broke, as you won't get another chance like this for a while. Have fun, too!


Your dreams are giving you clues today—so pay attention! It's one of those days when you can tell that things are going to get better as you make your way through the slightly dreary waking world.


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