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You can get a lot of work done -- especially the kind of work you've been putting off for far too long. Personal business can always seem less important than anything else, but today it's paramount.


Focus on domestic issues today -- clean house, spend quality time with your partner and/or kids and just deal with all the issues you have to deal with to get through a normal day. You should feel recharged.


Even though your brain isn't firing on all cylinders today, you can still get a lot done. Absorb that lesson -- you only need to focus a bit of your energy on the important stuff sometimes.


You've got enough energy to take on the world today -- so go for it! You can get plenty done, feel great, look better and be home in time to get ready for an awesome night out if that's what you want.


Let someone else take the credit today -- it should make up for the times when people assumed you were the one behind all things awesome when you weren't around to correct their misunderstandings.


Your organizational skills are in high demand today, but you should be able to keep up with the pace. It doesn't matter whether it's coworkers or family members, you still need to deal.


Someone close needs help in a small way, but almost certainly doesn't know how (or whom) to ask. Offer assistance, preferably before they can say no, and show them how to take tiny, positive steps.


Today brings a situation that seems to demand your intervention, probably quite early, but you need to do whatever you can to let it evolve organically. Life is sure to go on -- maybe better than before!


Try to show some flexibility today -- it's more important than you realize. Someone close needs you to let them take charge, at least for a little while, and it's better for everyone if they can do so.


Your energy is all over the place -- but usually at one extreme or another. That can make for some really interesting interactions, and you might be able to get something good for yourself out of it all.


Animals are more appealing today, so spend quality time with pets -- yours or someone else's. If you can get out to a natural setting, so much the better, but even just staring down a goldfish can be enlightening.


Your love life reaches a new level today, and your great energy should help you to see it coming -- or to make it happen! Ask someone out, tell your partner how you feel or schedule a hot date.


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