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You're experiencing some aftereffects from long-ago mistakes or good deeds. Karma can take a long time to manifest! Don't read too much into it. Remember that what goes around comes around.


Someone close surprises you with an announcement that puts you much closer than you expected. Your great emotional energy helps you handle the surprise with grace and aplomb.


You need to put off any practical concerns for a little while and focus on your creative energy. It's a good time for you to see about starting art projects or redecorating your home in some way.


You and your family are more in touch today, so it's the best time for difficult chats or checking in, but you need to instigate it. Others will come around when you speak up.


Expect some stress today, mostly coming from other people. Their moods are not in sync with yours, and they are likely to overreact to the smallest disagreements. Let them roil.


Even if it's stuff you deal with practically every day, you find it much harder than usual to address tiny details today. You may want to walk away from chores or work and let your mind wander.


You've got some weird energy today, but you can still enjoy the little things. See if you can spend some good time with a friend or family member who's in the same mood and have some quiet fun.


You're in a silly, playful mood, but you might not be able to spend as much time as you'd like messing around! Your good energy is still a delight to behold, so you should be welcome anywhere.


You and your big ideas are going place today! It's the best possible time for you to expand your horizons and stretch yourself out in new ways, so think big and see where you end up.


You can't help yourself. You feel compelled to do right by someone who's completely responsible for their own mess. It's one of those days when you can feel your karma turn in a good direction.


You and your partner (or someone similarly close) might feel a bit at odds over something you share. This isn't the best time to make final decisions, though, so let it roll.


Reach out to someone new today. Your amazing energy should help you make the most of whatever they have to offer. It's one of those days when your social energy surprises everyone.


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