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What do you really want? Things look good, but you can always reach for more, and your ambitious nature comes out in force today. Make sure that you're dealing with the right people.


Your conservative nature (which may or may not have anything to do with your politics) is making you grouchy today. You don't like some new change that was just announced, but you should give it a whirl.


Your passion is engaged today. It may be a political cause, a charity, or just a friend in need, but you're there and doing all that you can. If you don't know yet what's needed, ask around!


Conflicting ideas may pop up repeatedly today, so do what you can to either make peace or throw your weight behind the right side early. Your input is in demand and should be taken seriously.


Any conflicts that arise today—and there could be a few—are almost certainly linked to ego rather than anything substantive. You should make sure to pick your battles wisely.


You can't help but notice that things are harder to deal with today, but that could just mean that you need to adapt your own routines rather than simply throw up your hands and walk away.


Does your love life need a lift? It could come tonight or maybe earlier in the day, as your partner or someone you have a crush on finally takes serious notice.


You're not so sure what to make of today's conflict with roommates or family, but try not to turn it into a major battle! It's likely situational, but it could make your life quite a bit stranger.


Your communication style is a perfect match for today's frenetic pace, so make sure you're keeping your people in the loop. You may be the only person who knows how it all works!


Finances are still on your mind, which should be a good thing. Your life and interests are all lined up in the right direction, and you should be able to push your savings into something new.


Change is coming, and you're the one bringing it! You might want to try to warn those involved, but it could also be fun to spring it on them without warning. It's entirely up to you!


You could feel the urge to go to sleep at some point in the middle of the day, but you should just let your mind wander instead. A dream image is sure to come to you that inspires you to get back to it!


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