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You have to push your viewpoint just as hard as you usually do today -- but you've also got to be diplomatic about it. See if your people can back you up, as a little help would be most welcome.


Are you looking for romance? Now is the time for you to step up and get yourself noticed -- you look as hot as anyone else, and your earthy energy helps ground you and keep you firmly in the moment.


Conversation is everything today -- especially face to face, but over the phone will do in a pinch. Writing just isn't the same, so see if you can contact people more directly if you need to reach them.


Try something totally original today -- you can make really interesting things happen if you make the effort. Someone new is trying to get your attention, but you almost certainly have to meet them halfway.


Your big heart is open to all comers today -- and they may have to get in line! It's one of those days when you've got a lot to give, so don't be too surprised if you feel exhausted when all is said and done.


You're like a master detective today -- things are much clearer than usual, as far as you're concerned. Make sure that you're not leaving other folks in the dust. You need your Dr. Watson, after all!


Try to wrap your head around your financial situation today -- you almost certainly have at least one trick left up your sleeve, probably to help boost your income. Go for it, as the odds are on your side.


Things are heating up today. That could be great, if you're alone with your sweetie -- but it could also be something big and difficult, like an escalating feud between you and a sibling.


The little details are more important than anything else right now, so make sure that you're looking closely. Something that seemed unimportant recently should stand out as a very big deal.


Indulge yourself today -- all that creative energy needs an outlet! See if you can sneak away from your obligations and make some art, write a song or just dance like a baby monkey.


You feel slow and sleepy today, and that could mean that you're finding it harder than usual to pay attention when you need to. There's not much you can do about it -- boredom just happens sometimes!


You're feeling quieter and more relaxed today, so see if you can soften your tone and get your people to mellow out with you. Things are getting better, so why not share the easy vibe with the rest of the world?


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