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Now is a great time to get things started—you've got more energy than you know what to do with, and things are lining up to make anything you launch today into something really awesome.


Culture is what you need on a day like today, so get out there and soak up some art or music. Your energy is just right for sharing, too, so ask a friend or cutie to come out and join you.


If you start seventeen different projects today, that's okay—you don't need to worry about following through on any of them. Your great energy gives them the best possible launch.


You need to be careful of other people today—they could be much more trouble than usual, and that could come out at work, at home or pretty much anywhere else. As long as you're aware, it's all good.


Your energy is just right for enjoying the events of the day—even if they're not all that great, to begin with. See if you can get your friends to join you as you take off and frolic!


You need to deal with tiny setbacks that seem like bigger deals than they really are. You were on a roll, but nothing lasts forever, so do whatever it takes to regain your footing and get back in the race.


Your sweeter nature is out in the open now, and you can tell that things are good between you and your sweetie—or that you're about to snag a sweetie if you're somehow single. Enjoy!


Try to be patient with your friends today—they need you to work with them, and you need to hear them out. Everyone can come out ahead if you find a way to deal. Things get better soon.


You should do what you can to deal with planning today. Your energy is just right for thinking through all the various aspects that are likely to pop up, and your people are sure to help out.


You need to make sure that you're soaking up culture today—even if it's office culture. It's one of those days when you're more likely to hit on some new idea that feels right to you.


Try harder to really connect today—someone needs to see that you mean business! It's a good time for you to check in with someone close and ensure that they know how deeply you care.


You need to strike a balance between work and play—or maybe between love and money. In any case, there's no one way to make the most of today's odd energy, but you can find a way that works.


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