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You're going through a phase of pretty intense healing energy, and it should bring about a sense of renewed commitment. It may be to your family or relationship or to something much bigger.


You feel a little darker than usual today, but it can be a good phase nonetheless! You may find that people leave you alone, which gives you time to make plans and figure things out.


Your big brain is helping you to get to the bottom of today's big conundrum, especially if it's a mysterious person you haven't been able to figure out quite yet. Your social intuition is strong!


You are feeling really indecisive today, so much so that you might just want to skip anything that feels like it requires too many decisions. If you can just coast, you should feel fantastic!


You need to get closer to your family today, even if that means planning a trip or video call. Your energy is a little spread out and diffuse, but you can pull it together for your most important people.


Your emotions are forcing you to try new things and speak up when you might want to stay silent. That's good! You're sure to stir up the right kind of trouble and make life more interesting for all.


You need to make sure that your stuff is in order, so clean those closets, work over your filing system, and even take inventory if you think that's needed. The mundane should consume most of your time.


You can see clearly what you want to make happen, and your terrific personal energy should help you bring your vision to life! It's a great time for growth and expansion, so make it happen!


You feel a little quieter than usual, and might want to just hang back while others bear the brunt of the social whirl. There's nothing wrong with introversion, even if it is just temporary.


You have got to examine the details of today's big deal or proposal with greater care than usual, and for you, that means quite a bit! You are sure to find something that raises suspicion.


You're facing an audience of some kind today, and it's one that you don't feel so great about. Things may look like they're shaky, but you can turn them around without too much effort!


Business is important today, and it's vital that you take it seriously. You may miss out on a crucial detail otherwise, and that could be really bad for you and your colleagues.


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