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This isn't a good day for intense business, but you should at least try to get on with your regular tasks. In fact, you can get quite a lot done by focusing on the superficial.


You aren't quite yourself today, which could cause those around you to ask what's wrong. You could get quite irritated by this, but do your best to stay pleasant.


Your communication skills are never in question, but you may find that they defy expectations today. You can express yourself with unusual clarity, and you could make a terrific impression on someone new.


It's vital to break out of your shell today if you're feeling introverted. At least one issue is sure to become problematic if you don't address it, and it requires face-to-face interaction.


You've got needs, but there's no way to get them taken care of without starting at least one big talk. It might be with a friend, co-worker, or sweetheart, but the truth has to come out soon.


It's the details that could trip you up even though you're usually their master! Make sure that you're paying attention to every cell in the spreadsheet as you plow through work.


Your big brain is itchy for more information and conversation. Get what you need with folks at work or among your friends. You're almost certain to solve one major problem by tonight.


You are responsible for other people in some new way today, and that could cause some strange reactions both in you and those affected. Step up! You can show your trustworthiness with ease.


If you don't have enough to do, make up some busywork for yourself. You need to stay active because your energy is sure to vanish if you take much time to rest or even just daydream.


Those around you can't seem to stop yakking, so put on some headphones or otherwise drown out the noise. If you can shut a door to get some peace, that would be perfect.


Your ability to communicate is never in question, and today you prove just how powerful your voice can be. You may find that someone needs a creative jolt to get them back on track.


Change is in the air, but it could be quick and sudden, not the slow, gradual morphing you prefer. Still, you can adapt, so keep your eyes open and see where the trends are heading.


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