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Your natural enthusiasm is perfect for today's big activities -- you can inspire others to greatness or just persuade the right people to step up and try something new. It's easy when you feel this good!


You don't really know just what's going on today, but you can tell that there are larger forces at work. Now is a really good time to lie low and wait for it all to pass, as your energy is a bit out of sync.


A good friend has some advice for you -- advice you are well advised to heed. You may not be able to see everything that's coming up, so the new perspective adds some important data.


You need to slow way down today -- otherwise, you're just going to have to retrace your steps and do it all over again. Your feelings of anxiety can be allayed by making steady progress today.


New data comes down the pipe and sets you thinking -- but it's not a bad thing, for sure! You may want to try stretching your boundaries a bit to see what you can make of this new awareness.


Your social skills aren't getting rusty -- but other people might start to think so, thanks to the day's aggressive energy. Everyone seems to be picking fights with you, at least when you're at work.


If life seems bad today, try an attitude adjustment. This might seem strange, but it's true that for now, your perspective is helping to create whatever situations you find yourself facing today.


Things could get pretty ugly today if you allow conflict to flare up. Try to ensure that you're keeping the peace as much as you can -- especially at work, though pretty much everywhere you go.


You've got plenty going on today -- which is just how you like it -- but you're not so busy that you can't slow down and play with your teammates, customers or friends. Good fun is easy to find!


You value stability quite highly, for the most part, and today brings an opportunity for you to anchor some part of your life quite firmly for the foreseeable future. You should go for it!


You and your friends or coworkers need to make some decisions under the radar -- cut out authority figures and bossy pals as much as you can until you know what's coming. Then spring it on them!


Your mind is in a bit of fog today, but you sometimes can get more done that way! If you're focused on your own projects, especially those that relate to art or spirituality, you're at your best.


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