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Your possessions may be driving you crazy in some weird way, so see if you can just clear your house—or garage, or closet, or even just that one junk drawer. Life is easier afterward!


You're a one-person show today! Your great energy helps you to entertain your friends or anyone else who happens along. Make the most of it and see if you can impress someone new.


Your work needs attention, so make sure that you're on top of it. Things may get a little weird later on, but you can handle pretty much anything that comes your way. Slack off tomorrow!


How's your family life? You need to check in with someone who's not as talkative as they usually are, which may be tricky. Just be honest and let them know you care—that works wonders on a day like today.


You feel like a rock star or a millionaire—though others may not treat you like one. Friends are one thing, but it seems that strangers just can't seem to get the same sense of glamor from you.


Your philosophical rambling is getting somewhere good today—so keep it up! You may achieve an epiphany this evening as it all comes to a head. It may be a good idea to take notes,


Your emotional state is strong, but you may also find yourself speaking up (or tearing up) more than usual. It's a good time to show your people what you think of them by any means necessary.


Someone has laid a little trap for you—but you may want to pretend to stumble into it unawares. You think well on your feet, and can most likely demolish the opposition without breaking a sweat.


Your colleagues are all up in arms over some small change in the rules or something the competition is trying to get away with—but you can't be bothered. Just let then rant while you press on.


Your ability to pinch pennies is legendary, and today you come up with a killer idea to keep your bank account in the black. Your great mental energy may help you to get some answers, too!


Changes are coming down, and you have got to make sure that you're keeping up with them. Usually that's no problem, but your mental state is a little scattered today. Discipline can help!


Your romantic side is piqued by someone new—or maybe you see your sweetheart in a brand new way. You should be able to make positive changes that make everyone happier and healthier.


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