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Established Company (the future development and Urban Development ) in 1999 and was able to this company , thanks to God and the efforts of Masisea that occupies the status of pending between the companies Alastosmaralkipri has managed a lot of real estate projects in the real estate market , advertising and marketing, based on the willingness of customers the company to open branches in some provinces and the Arab states Example ( Kuwait - Saudi Arabia )

And participated in many of the major real estate exhibitions governorates of Egypt and other Arab countries and was a huge success no doubt that thanks to God Almighty to become a company name ( for future development and urban development ) has a position in the Arab real estate market And to be moved by the grace of God to expanding real estate رقعتنا in the field of contracting and already we have an end to a number of projects for our units were delivered to customers in accordance with the plan and program of the company and the contracted specifications Currently, the company is establishing some of the projects the northern coast of Alexandria in Alexandria them Mentdjaan the b Kiloa 26 Silver Beach and Kiloa the 25 Babutalat and residential project in the Mandara.

There are some projects underway in Cairo and in Alexandria.

There are also some construction projects ended and ready for immediate delivery and some of the projects under construction have been opened for booking and contracting God help us continuity thanks to God and the satisfaction of our customers The company has been able , thanks to God Almighty to make Dath includes a large number of privileged customers who have earlier deal with the future development and urban development , and we were able to win their trust in us praise God and always followed us to take advantage of our deals which offer modern and real estate investments And Ali reconciled to God.

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